Rotomolding Design

Designing for the Rotomolding Process

Designing a mold and or tool to produce a rotomolded product is a process that needs to entail a designer that understands the principals of rotational molding as well as rotomolding design. Rotomolding by nature produces hollow parts yet has the capacity of creating double wall components, relying on mold design and layout. The intended functionality of the product will determine the design of the mold and likely to establish if the part is single wall or double wall or if several compared to one component will certainly be created with each mold. An experienced designer will look at a number of aspects of the part to be accomplished to determine this.

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Rotationally Molded Jet Ski Dock Design
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Jet Ski Dock, Rotmolded Jet Ski Dock, Rotomolded DandyDock, Dandydock
From design to rotomolding production

Rotational Molding Design, Rotomolding Design
State of Ohio Stamped Drawing for a Granger ISS Tornado Shelter

Rotational Molding Design

The optimal design for a rotationally molded product contains shapes or elements of the design that are efficiently combined from one element to the next. Molded ribs or kiss offs might be incorporated into the design of the part to add rigidity and strength. Angles and shapes can be included into the design features of the rotomolded part thus providing even further additional strength. Many designs require even further enhancements, such as urethane foams to be injected between the walls of a double wall part, for added strength and even insulation in some applications. Foam filling parts can significantly increase structural rigidity as well as the ability to bare weight. A rotomolder that has the capability to inject foam into properly designed rotationally molded products can produce a wider variety of items that benefit from this enhancement. A growing number of products are requiring foam for a multitude of reasons. Rotationally Molded products utilizing polyurethane foam include coolers, buoys, boat docks, dock floats, spineboards, shipping containers and more!

Molds can be designed to produce multiple products or components from the same mold or possibly have multiple cavities to produce multiples of the same part within a single mold, thus lowering production costs and producing higher volumes. Molds can be designed to offer double wall parts, or single wall parts. How well a mold is built and designed will contribute greatly to the quality of the parts being molded from the tooling. Changes or modifications to a mold, routine maintenance and even repairs are a common part of rotational molding. It is imperative for many customers to partner with a high quality rotational molding company that can repair, maintain and even modify their tooling in house in effort to minimize lead times.

A rotomolding leader can walk a new customer through the process from design idea, any necessary design changes, mold fabrication and manufacturing. The ideal situation is to have all of these elements under one roof.

Molds for Rotational Molding

Molds for rotational molding are typically cast or fabricated from steel or aluminum and may need to be repaired or reworked from time to time. Maintenance of molds is an essential part of keeping them up and running. Routine repair and maintenance can best be handled by a mold shop on site of the rotational molder. An in-house metals shop saves down time in production and valuable shipping dollars if maintenance can be done on site. Read more about Molds for Rotational Molding.

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